WHY we do what we do…

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In his time on earth, Jesus valued children.  He spoke numerous times about the importance of leading them, raising them, and loving them well.  Indeed, he commanded that we are to have faith LIKE them – a simple, beautiful faith that believes in things we cannot see.
At Grace Church, we believe that every child was knit together by God and built for a purpose.  Each one is fearfully and wonderfully made.  Therefore, it is our mission to provide a welcoming, safe, and secure place for every age to be nurtured and loved – so that they might grow in their belief of Jesus Christ as Lord and learn how deep and how wide and how great is the Father’s love for all of us.

WHEN does GraceKIDS meet?

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Our Nursery (birth through 17 months), Toddler (18 months through 2 years), and Preschool (3s & 4s) classrooms open at 9:45 am each Sunday. They are led by trained, nurturing, fully background checked Ministry Leaders.

Our Younger Elementary (5s & Kindergarten), Elementary (1st & 2nd Grade), Older Elementary (3rd & 4th Grade) and Preteen (5th Grade through age 12) classrooms begin when the children are dismissed from our Worship Service. This usually happens around 10:25 am. We love that our church family embraces young children in worship; therefore, these age groups worship alongside their families and friends during the first few songs and worship elements of our time together.

WHERE will my child go?

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One of the beauties of worshipping in a warehouse is how close we are to one another! All of our kids’ classrooms are directly off of our worship space, so you are able to peek in on your child as often as you wish.

WHO will my child meet?


Our GraceKIDS’ and Preteen classrooms are led by trained and faithful Ministry Leaders invested in the life of Grace Church. These men and women are fully background checked and have a passion for making the Bible come alive in the minds and hearts of children. Our Ministry Leaders desire that each child feel empowered to take God’s Word into their everyday life, so that they might love God by loving others in their homes, their schools, their soccer teams, their friendships, and wherever they find themselves. In addition, our kids’ rooms are full of children around the age of your child, so that he/she can begin making friendships from the get-go.

WHAT will my child do?


For ages 18 months through 4th grade, our Ministry Leaders teach the curriculum from The Gospel Project Chronological. These interactive lesson plans lead each child on a three-year journey through all 66 books of the Bible – Genesis through Revelation.

For our preteens (5th grade through age 12), our Ministry Leaders teach the curriculum entitled Be Bold! These are discussion-based lessons, geared around helping youth build their faith, validating their hard questions, and connecting them with each other while delving deeply into God's Word.

Each Sunday, our young people will hear God’s Word and learn how it applies to their daily lives. Through Bible storytelling, games, crafts, hands-on activities, and more, our young people will grasp scripture in a fun, in-depth way.


HOW do I find out more?

If you have more questions regarding our GraceKIDS Ministry, please do not hesitate to contact Danielle Walker, the Assistant Pastor to Families.